United State's Election ( top 14 facts about the election of United States)

 Top 14 facts United State's Election

Here we are going to talk about top 14 amazing facts on elections of United States.

#1). In United States Astronaut can vote from outer space. David wolf becames the first astronaut to vote from space in 1997. Wolf voted in a hometown election using Secure email just after the advent on the internet. Astronaut shane kimbrough did the same in the 2016 presidential election when he was the only American on board the international Space station.

#2). American are used to presidential campaign lasting over a year, but along election cycle is not universal.

#3). Canada's election for prime minister usually wraps up in six weeks while mexico's normally last around three months.

#4). George Washington spend his entire 50 Euros campaign budget on 160 gallons of liquor for 391 potential voters on election day.

#5). Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States, but there have only been 44 presidents.

#6). Grover Cleveland was elected president in 1884 but lost his 1888 re-election bid. He came back for a win in 1892 making him the United State's 22nd and 24th president.

#7). Election day was chosen as Tuesday following the first Monday in November back in 1845. At the time, officials calculated that farmers needed a day to go to the polls to vote but did not want to disrupt Sunday, so they opted for Tuesday.

#8). Hillary Clinton is the first woman to win a major party nomination. But the first woman to run for president was Victoria Woodhull, leader of the Suffragette movement in the US, in 1872 - about 50 years before women were allowed to vote in presidential elections (1920).

#9). Only one president has ever been unanimously elected.

#10). George Washington won the first United States president election with unanimous 69 electoral votes.

#11). The United States has the lowest voting rate among developed countries with a 60 percent participation rate.

#12). About 6 million Americans aren't eligible to vote due to felony convictions.

#13). A climate change-focused political party plans to bring puppies to polling stations in certain countries during the United States 2016 election. , reports Business Insider.

#14). In the American election "idiots and stupid people" are not allowed to cast a vote, but one should be considered unfit to vote by a judge. According to reports, the terms "idiots" and "insane people" were common expressions used in the state constitution in Ohio, New Mexico and Mississippi, but were intended for people with intellectual disabilities.

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