Top 10 Myths (facts we thought were true but in actually they are not true)

Top 10 Myths

 1). You lose most of your body heat from the top of your head. 
Many people believe that but this is not true. That's why...

The head represents only 10% of the total area of ​​the body. So if the head were to lose even 75% of its body temperature, it would lose about 40 percent of a square centimeter of heat like all other parts of your body.

2). We have 5 senses
Through Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, and Touch are considered basis senses. We have closer to 20 senses including Balance, Pain, Hunger, and Thirst.

3). The greatest Wall of China is the only men made structure you can see in space.
From the internation space station, you would see the wall as well as many other man made structure. But from the moon nothing man-made is visible with the human eye.

4). It take 7 years to digest Gum.
This isn't true that..If mistakenly swallow your gum in your stomach they take 7 years for digest
If you swallow gum, it's true that your body can't digest it. But most of it passes straight through while the remainder is absorbed back into your body.

5). Napoleon was short in height.
Napoleon was 5'6 ”- 5'7” (168170 cm) tall, a little over the average French of his time. The myth that Napoleon was short came to light because the British were fond of portraying their French enemy as “little Boney.” And as Napoleon was often surrounded by soldiers from his Imperial Guard, who were more than average in height, he seemed relatively short. In an autopsy, Napoleon weighed 5'2 ”, but that was a French inch, larger than the British and American inches.

6). Goldfish have no memories.
Many goldfish keepers would have heard the “truth” that the length of goldfish memories is only three seconds long - but is that true? Scientists have proven that the length of goldfish memories is nowhere near three seconds. Your goldfish can remember things for at least five months.

7). Waving your phone around will improve your phone signal.
The myth is that, Waving your phone around will improve your phone signal. But in reality the waving will actually make service worse and make you look foolish.

8). Cracking your knuckles will give you Arthritis.
There is no harm in cracking your knuckles. The noise is nitrogen bubbles bursting in our synovial fluid but the sound may annoy those around you.

9). Tryptophan in Turkey makes you particularly sleepy.
While Turki does contain Tryptophan and amino acid that helps you relax, compared to foods like Edamame or cheddar cheese, Turkey does not have that much.

10). Einstein failed math.
In reality Einstein just failed is School entrance exam he was always great at math.

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