Unkown facts about bats that you never heard


Here we are going to talk about Top 15 intresting facts about bats that you can't Heard ever, So let's start

#1). Bats are not really as creepy as you think they are baby bats, called Pups, are downright adorable.

#2). Bats are essential to some of our favourite fruits. In fact, our 300 species of fruit depends on bats for pollination including Bananas, Mangoes and Avocado.

#3). Bats our help spread seeds for crop like Cacao they have make a chocolate!

#4). Bats are only flying members.

#5). Their wings work somewhat similarly to a human hands.


#6). The flexible skin membrane between their finger bones along multiple movable joints make bats very good fliers. Some bats can reach flying speeds of over hundred miles per hour.

#7). Like other members mother bats feed their pups beast milk.

#8). They only give birth to one baby per year, but mother bats gather together to form nursery colonies. These nursery colonies can be found in all sorts of palaces from caves to dead trees, to even rocks crevices.

#9). Bats can be found pretty much everywhere in the world, except from deserts and tundras.

#10). There are over 1400 species of bats worldwide. The smallest species is the kitti's hog-nosed bat or the Bumblebee bats.

#11). They weigh less than a penny making than the world's smallest mammals.

#12). The largest bats are called flying foxes and they can have if wingspan of upto 6 feet.

#13). The longest-living bat was recorded in 2006 in Siberia at 14 years old.

#14). Bats can also survive freezing temperatures.

#15). Bats can able to find their food in the dark night. Bats can eat their body weight in insects. Brcause the insects bats eat can have access skeletons made in chiton a shiny substance.

Humans can help reduce its spread by not disturbing or handling bats. You can help protect your local bats by planting a bat garden or installing a bat house and just ignore then if the neighbours call you a vampire.

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