how do communicate with satellites in space ?

How are satellite communication and terrestrial communication used in wireless communication?

Now days 1100 active satellites revolve around to the earth and these all satellites are controlled from earth. But friends, do you know that how do we able to communicate in space at very largest distance.

Today we know that how do we communicate with any object in deep space, and we also know that by the help of which machineries we are able to communicate with these objects in deep space. And know how we can make this technology advanced in future and how these help us.

So let's start...

Firstly talk about that satellites which are revolves in Geostationary orbit of our earth that is at the distance of 36000km from the Earth surface. Friends to communicate with this type of satellites we need to convert our signals into the radio waves. These electromagnetic radio waves send by scientists are travels by the speed of 2199792km/sec at the speed of light.

As well our command is converted into signals then these signals transmitted towards satellites in space. These satellites have very sensitive antennas and able to receive our signals in very easy way. After receiving our signals the system of the satellites are converted these signals into coded by which the onboard computers which are fitted in the satellites are able to understand or read the signals which are send it by us from Earth. Friends, in these satellites the capability is available to catch the signals and send them back on earth. 

And our scientists try to upgrade this capability regularly.

In 1962 to this outdated technology is upgraded by NASA when they makes the preparation to send there moon mission. And then NASA things that they need to stabilize the brand new communication system for there Apollo mission. At that time NASA's aim is not only to stabilize the new communication system but want to make a communication system which not only able to send and receive commands and it also able to send informations from the deep space such that it can able to send the clear images, sounds and frequencies of the universe, and for this NASA makes a system named as USB(Unified S-Band) and this system able to send and receive commands like TV system data's, voice or video footage in space. For this they need so much different frequencies. So they put these all different frequencies in one coding frequency. It is a system of one antenna which can come to the ground system from space and by the help of this scientists can continuously communicated with astronauts in space from Earth.

This communication was only broken when the spacecraft which revolves around Earth went in backward direction of moon and then these satellites loss the signal about 40 minutes. But after 40 minutes when the spacecrafts orbited to the moon's backside and comes out then the communication system starts again and works properly. This problem of signal lost is also faced by scientists due to the other satellites. So to solve this scientists connect one satellites to other satellites and by this we can easily communicate with other satellites by one satellite.

Friends the company spacex founded by Elon Musk launch a satellite which  orbits Sun through these signals and the sun is at the distance of 15crore km from earth surface. But friends what happened when any object is at the distance of 1billion km from earth can we able to communicate with these objects?

The object which is made by humans and which covers the largest distance from earth is the Voyager 1 spacecraft. This spacecraft is made for the study of the outer solar system and launched in 1977 and now it is at the distance of about 20billion kilometre from the earth. And now in the deep space it may be travelled by the speed of 62,140 km/hr.

 To make continuous communication with this type of objects we need the deep space communication and to receive any information which comes from these spacecrafts we need the strongest deep space communication system. These strong system are placed in three places of earth these are US-Spain-Australia. And the antenas of these three palaces are very advanced, complex or have High efficiency. 

To catch the signals of the satellites which are very near to the Earth surface scientists use low gained antennas and for the deep space satellites scientists use high gained antennas as the signals of deep space satellites have very low waves.

Friends, this communication systems of these deep space satellites are in regular progress. Scientists sends the satellites of advanced technology in future to collect more data about universe. That data which reaches on the earth from the space is travels by the speed of 5.2 megabytes/second.

And the time is near when scientists sends the spacecraft in the interstitial space and then these satellites sends the information of the interstitial space on the earth.

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